Curbstomper – The Long Sunless Emerald Fedora

Perhaps a less-confronting name for this column would have been Motorcycle Diaries, because all I think of when I read it now is that scene from American History X… You know the one.

Anyway, watch as Kickstarter continues to help indie game developers make the big publishers bite the curb… Or something.

The Long Dark

With developers from Relic, Volition, Riot and Bioware, new independent studio Hinterland has a lot of talent to pour into The Long Dark – a first person survival game set in the snow-covered Pacific Northwest. It takes place after a “quiet apocalypse”, where all of the world’s technology has been knocked out under mysterious circumstances, and it’s up to you to survive the wilderness and the wildlife with whatever supplies you are able to scavenge.

There’s some beautiful concept art and a whole lot more information at the Kickstarter page.



Emerald is a fascinating-looking, minamilist, sci-fi, story-driven action/adventure game. You’re the last person left on a derelict spaceship adrift in space and it’s up to you to repair the ship’s systems while you work out what happened and why you’re still on board.

Described by the developer as “Thomas Was Alone meets Analogue: A Hate Story meets System Shock, but without any gravity” it’s one to watch.


Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea has already hit its initial funding goal, but it’s still interesting enough to earn a mention. Sunless Sea is a steampunk, ship’s captain roguelike set in the world of Fallen London. Taking inspiration from FTL and Don’t Starve, it’s destined to be a favourite around these parts.


Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora is a sidescrolling platformer with the rotating landscape mechanic from Fez, but with inspiration taken from Metroid it is very much about exploring the city as you search for clues to solve your latest case.

It looks charming and distinctive, and there’s only a few days left on the clock if you want to pledge.


Our Arch-Nemeseses

Last, but not least, we’ve got two Kickstarter campaigns from two groups of our arch-nemeses… Just kidding – they’d have to know who we were to arch us properly.

First of all, Midnight Resistance is running a kickstarter to produce some stylish shirts in the hopes that a successful campaign will allow them to put money into further projects that will help the site keep kicking.

Next up is Indie Statik, asking for a little more money (ok, a lot more) in order to keep the site chugging along, and pay writers for new content.

Both Midnight Resistance and Indie Statik are great sites worth supporting either with your money, or just with your looking balls.


2 thoughts on “Curbstomper – The Long Sunless Emerald Fedora

  1. Well, if Midnight Resistance were our nemeses and Indie Statik were also our nemeses, then combined they would have to be our nemeseses, right?

    No, it’s not right, but I’ve got to entertain myself somehow.


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