New Growth – Double Fine’s The Cave

Before Double Fine were given all the money, they were working on The Cave, a side-scrolling adventure game designed by Ron Gilbert, the Godfather of point and click adventures. Sadly for Double Fine and Gilbert, the announcement of The Cave sort of fell on deaf ears as the industry was more interested in the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter and the goldrush it kicked off.

But work on The Cave continued, and now it’s out.

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And So It Begins…

The Mission

Weekend Warriors is dedicated to gamers with less and less time to game. You work full-time, you’ve got a significant other, maybe you have children – you simply can’t stay up until 3am playing the latest open-world RPG anymore. You get home from work, you exercise, you make dinner, you spend some quality time with the family and now you’re lucky if you’ve got an hour of gaming time before you should be crawling back into bed, ready to rinse and repeat for another goddamn day down the coal mines of 9-5.

You can afford to buy a lot more games than you could when you were a teenager, but you can’t afford to actually play them. You’ve got a hundred games in your backlog from those bastard bundles, and you’ve lost count of the interesting-sounding F2P titles coming out, but which ones are actually worth playing?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Welcome. And if none of it sounds familiar, how is youth treating you? Good? Good. I hope you’ll find the writing here good enough to keep you coming back anyway. Weekend will help you weed out the ol’ backlog, because your time is worth more than the money you save buying cheap games. There’ll also be a focus on jolly cooperation and the occasional feature on board gaming and table-top, because combining games with socialising might be the only type of multi-tasking worth a damn.

Stick around, read some words, leave some comments.

The “Team”

Weekend is run by Corey J. White, with additional content provided by various unsavoury types.

Corey is a veteran of the now-defunct Wastrel Magazine, lives in Australia and dreams of one day becoming a skeleton. He occasionally tweets.