Indie Jones – SUPERHOT

After going over Receiver earlier in the week in makes a certain sort of sense that we’re looking at another product of the 7-Day FPS gamejam. SUPERHOT has received an update since its initial gamejam release, and I must say that it is looking super… good.

The success of the Matrix made ‘bullet-time’ a household term (in houses full of nerds at least), and Max Payne neatly transplanted the same effect into the realm of games, but now SUPERHOT takes the formula and twists it even further. When you stand still, time slows to a crawl, and inversely, the faster you move the faster time moves.
The game is free to play in your browser, so go try it and see what I mean.

It’s such a simple and elegant mechanic, and at the same time it’s the most innovating piece of design we’ve seen in FPS for the longest time. It takes just a few minutes to get the hang of this new mechanic, then suddenly you’re dancing around bullets and pausing time to get the perfect headshot like the Dr. Who of murder. It is simply sublime, putting you in a zen headspace where victory squarely lays between careful plotting and twitch instinct.

Go, play it now, and thank me later. There will apparently be more SUPERHOT in the future – we’ll keep moving until it arrives.


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