Ridiculous Fishing and the Hunt for Rad Octodad

I have a story titled Ridiculous Fishing and the Hunt for Rad Octodad in It’s Just a Game, Volume 3, curated, edited and produced by Elizabeth Simins.

The story is about Ridiculous Fishing, but it’s also about the joy you can get from allowing games to retain some of their mystery instead of going straight to a game guide at the first sign of difficulty or mystery.

So, if you want to read that, as well as work from 18 other contributors, you can buy it here. I’m not in them, but you can also buy Volumes 1 and 2 here.


He Who Lufts Last Lufts Best – LUFTRAUSERS

Vlambeer make a screen shake (read: design fun and visceral action games) like nobody’s business… Except it is their business, and business is good.

After gestating for the past couple of years, LUFTRAUSERS is now ready to drop, hitting PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and PSVita on March 18th.

We normally don’t bother spruiking for upcoming games, because there’s simply TOO MANY of them, but the proof is in the pudding, and there’s pudding below.

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Newshogg – Half-Throne 3

The Newshogg may have found lots of juicy tidbits for us, but let’s not beat around the bush – apparent confirmation of development on Half-Life 3 is the biggest news of the week… Oh, and some US Government thing.

In other news, Wasteland Kings gets a new coat of paint, Tommy Refenes gives his thoughts on the Steam Roller, Tom Clancy passes away, and plenty more…

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Generation P – Wasteland Kings

Procedural Generation is king in indie games at the moment. Dungeons of Dredmor, FTL and Binding of Isaac have combined to destroy the free time of gamers the world over… And that’s just the big three. There is so much else out there – countless games generating infinite worlds for us to explore, kill in and inevitably die in.

Now I just need to develop a program that will generate these articles for me…

Wasteland Kings comes to us thanks to Vlambeer and the second Mojang-run, charity-funding game jam, and it is surprisingly good.

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