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Happy New Game+ 2013

At the start of last year, weekendwarrio.rs was only just launching, so our 2012 GOTY piece was more a burst of reviews rather than a round-up. This time around, however, we’ve got a full year to look back on. Read on to see us miss the point, forget some brilliant games, cover some equally brilliant games, and generally have a bit of a laugh as we pass out our various awards for 2013.

No, what I meant was These men write about video games for a website, but what happens next will shock you. OH, DO PLEASE FUCK OFF WITH THAT SHIT.

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Videodrome – Teleglitch – Brain Explodes

I’ve written before about Teleglitch, a twisted, visceral, procedurally-generated, sci-fi, survival horror roguelike(like) with an innovative crafting system, but seeing as I haven’t heard about the devs achieving Minecraft-like success yet, I obviously need to keep on talking.

After the break you’ll find a few minutes of gameplay to give you a better idea of what the game is really like than the clumsy description above. I apologise in advance for the sniffles… Next time I’ll load up on cold and flu tablets.

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Generation P – Knee Deep in the DoomRL

I’ve played quite a lot of DoomRL previously and promptly forgot about it – not because it’s a bad game (quite the opposite, in fact), but because there are always so many games vying for attention. This week, however, Kornel Kisielewicz and Derek Yu released an update and I decided to venture back out to the moons of Mars to check it out. Continue reading