Ridiculous Fishing and the Hunt for Rad Octodad

I have a story titled Ridiculous Fishing and the Hunt for Rad Octodad in It’s Just a Game, Volume 3, curated, edited and produced by Elizabeth Simins.

The story is about Ridiculous Fishing, but it’s also about the joy you can get from allowing games to retain some of their mystery instead of going straight to a game guide at the first sign of difficulty or mystery.

So, if you want to read that, as well as work from 18 other contributors, you can buy it here. I’m not in them, but you can also buy Volumes 1 and 2 here.

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Happy New Game+ 2013

At the start of last year, weekendwarrio.rs was only just launching, so our 2012 GOTY piece was more a burst of reviews rather than a round-up. This time around, however, we’ve got a full year to look back on. Read on to see us miss the point, forget some brilliant games, cover some equally brilliant games, and generally have a bit of a laugh as we pass out our various awards for 2013.

No, what I meant was These men write about video games for a website, but what happens next will shock you. OH, DO PLEASE FUCK OFF WITH THAT SHIT.

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