Lumbarjack – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I’ve been on hiatus. Correction: I’m still on hiatus. I will forever be on hiatus until such a point as Donald Trump comes along with a toupee full of cash and pays me to run this site full-time. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing games, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been having opinions about games; it just means I’ve been playing games for fun, and not forcing myself to write them up constantly.

[And writing these drafts I felt as though I was rusty, so I apologise in advance.]

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons sort of slipped under my radar. It had good word of mouth, but I suspect the gamepad requirement put some people off. It certainly caused me to skip over the game initially – certainly a game that requires a gamepad is a subpar console port not worthy of your time, right?

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