We’re currently looking for more people to work with us, so if you have something to say about gaming culture, get in touch. Doubly-so if you happen to be non-male, non-white and/or non-straight, because gaming is bigger than the bullshit you hear from strangers on XBL.
Sadly, we can’t pay for stories at the moment as we’re trying to build this site from nothing. If you’re still interested, you could be joining a committed team who love all things gaming and are keen to make a go-to site for discussion about gaming culture at large.



If you’re a developer or a representative from a publisher and you’d like us to have a look at your game, send us an email. We can’t guarantee we’ll end up writing about it because it needs to really grab us, and we definitely can’t guarantee positive press because it might be terrible… But we’ll give it a fair shake.



If you think our readership of extremely cool, savvy and sexy people is one you want to reach out to, let us know.