Newshogg – Insert Witty Headline

On the horizon are flashes of artillery fire. Bros are dying in their thousands, laying down their lives for the black box plugged into their TVs.
The Console War wages, and nobody is safe.

Our spy McKibbin, James McKibbin – who drinks his Harp neither shaken nor stirred – has passed on a great deal of data, and now it’s up to your loyal intelligence analyst to sift through the pieces.

The Station

  • [There was a piece of news here, but it involved a Russian developer of the fuckwit persuasion, so I will give them only negative press.]
  • The PS4 sold 1 million copies in North America in the first 24 hours of the new console’s life. Impressive, no? But worry not if you’re late jumping on the bandwagon – Sony says there’ll be a steady supply through the holiday season.

* * *

The Bonepile

  • Microsoft have decided to take a leaf out of Sony’s book, and give Xbox Live Gold members free XBLA and On Demand games every month. This policy was already in play, but it was only ever temporary until now.
  • In good news for people who enjoy crafting mines on boxes of X, the developer of the Xbox 360 port of Minecraft is working to ensure that when the game eventually launches on the Xbone you’ll be able to transfer your save games across.
  • I have some terrible news* – the Zune Marketplace will be closing it’s doors any day now.
    *For approximately 3 people worldwide.
  • The Xbone’s much-lauded inclusion of built-in Twitch streaming won’t actually be included at launch. They’re now aiming for a window of ‘early 2014’, but in the meantime are quick to point out that the console can be used as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for gaming straight out of the box. Which box is that? The X box. Durh.

* * *


  • YouTube is coming to the 3DS. Does that mean Nintendo has finally done a backflip on their reputation-damaging decision to crack down on Let’s Plays and Streams of their titles? Wait, there was already a YouTube app for the Wii U? And they wanted to crack down on it? Get your heads back in the game Nintendo – we need you.
  • In another example of ‘Get it together Ninty’ it’s taken them this long to come up with a universal Nintendo account so users can share the same account balance between the WiiU and 3DS stores. I’m amazed it took them this long.

* * *

Active Fission

A day one patch has bumped Call of Ghosty up to 1080p on the PlayStation 4… And with that simple strike the PS4 wins the Console War in the yes of many Res-Bros.

* * *

Daft Cyber Punks

I somehow missed this in my Curbstomper roundup the other day, but Midboss Games – a studio from the founders of GaymerX (the Gaming Expo focusing on queer issues in gaming, previously mentioned here) – has opened a Kickstarter campaign for Read Only Memories, a Cyberpunk adventure game inspired by Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher.

Go have a look.

* * *

Oculus Biff

Oculus Rift – the most promising of the recent VR contenders – has said that the next (current now?) generation of consoles is “too limited” for what that want to do. What a delightful slap in the face.

They say they plan to continue innovating and hope for big yearly upgrades, which obviously wouldn’t work with the static technology of the consoles – especially when the big guys try and sell them as having a 10 year lifespan.

* * *

Epicly Good Guys

Epic Games is auctioning off three life-size replica Lancers* to help raise money for Ana Kessel – an intern at Insomniac Games who lost her leg after a hit and run accident. It’s a horrible situation, but it’s great to see Epic helping out like this.

*That’s the chainsaw gun from their Gears of War series, not the Mistubishi car…

* * *


Here I was hoping that the whole ‘mechanical eye in consumer technology’ thing was a gimmick that would soon wall out of favour, but Apple is now jumping on the bandwagon, opening talks to buy PrimeSense – the creators of the Xbox 360 iteration of the Kinect.


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