Newshogg – Seven Eleven

Today is the biggest day on the calendar for lovers of frozen beverages who use calendars in a sensible fashion. That’s right, head down to your local proprietor of convenient goods for a free frozen(ish) beverage*

*Not available in North America.

And while you’re sucking on that sweet, cold goodness, why not catch up on the latest in gaming news.

* * *

New Growth Forest

Because I know you were all so terribly worried about Mr Woods’ livelihood, I just thought you’d want to know that Tiger is now in negotiations with another publisher about one of them there golf games.

I can hear that collective sigh of relief from here.

* * *

GTA Live

Why did they go for GTA Online instead of GTA Live? GTA Five and Live Double Pack! Come on, some marketers would have had a field day with that. Anyway, the latest news concerning the multiplayer meganaut is that the long-awaited, pretend-money stimulus package is due next week.
They’ve also fixed the cloud synchonisation issue that led to many players losing progress, with that patch available whenever you next connect to the game.

Interestingly they’ll be releasing Content Creation tools later in the month. It’ll be interesting to see how robust these tools are and what the community can do with them (besides the inevitable naked woman and giant penises).

* * *

People Can’t Fly

The developer behind Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgement (which I only just learned about now), has had something of a facelift – getting rebranded as Epic Games Poland.

To me this sounds like bad news if anything, but the good news they’ve given us to sweeten the deal is that Epic Games Poland is now working on the previously announced Epic title Fortnite. Fortnite is an interesting looking co-op survival and construction game – think Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead – which I’m sure is in good hands with these former fliers.

* * *

Destined to Crash

In light of the much-publicised issues Rockstar had with the launch of GTA Live, Bungie thinks they might need a ‘million gamers crashing against’ the Destiny beta when it launches early next year.

With the massive success of Bungie’s previous franchise (Halo? Not sure if you would have heard of it), I don’t think they’ll have too much trouble getting a million people on board to help them test it out.

* * *


Minecraft continues to be insanely popular, but that isn’t news. What is news is that Mojang and have teamed up in order to allow Minecraft players to stream easily to their Twitch accounts.

With the Xbone having Twitch integration, I think we’ll be able to expect a lot more of this sort of thing in the next couple of years.

* * *

Hot and Steamy

In news that is likely to make 65 MILLION(!) wallets suddenly cry out in terror, dates have been leaked for the next two big Steam sales.

The Autumn Sale is rumoured to take place from November 27th to December 3rd, and the Money Vacuum that is the Steam Holiday Sale is due to kick off on December 19th and wrap up on January 2nd.

* * *

Gabe Cubed

Engadget had the chance to check out Valve’s prototype GabeCube – even going so far as to open one up to make sure it wasn’t an infernal engine running on the blood of Linux developers.

They also looked at a number of Steam Roller prototypes – from the Frankensteinian to the purely bizarre. It’s well worth a look.

And in news that would be obvious to anyone that has even the slightest understanding of Valve’s philosophy they won’t be releasing any exclusive SteamOS or GabeCube games. Remember kids (as long as they don’t completely destroy competition in the realm of digital distribution), these are the good guys we’re talking about.

* * *

His Name is Soren Johnson

Soren Johnson, formerly lead designer on Civilisation IV has set off to create his own little civilisation, setting up Mohawk Games. If I was a cynical man I would say they’ll soon be coming to a Kickstarter near you, so… They’ll be soon be coming to a Kickstarter near you!

In all seriousness though, we wish Soren and whoever else he gets on board the best of luck – I for one will always welcome new studios working on new ideas instead of sequels and IP resurrections.


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