Curbstomper – Paradise Stasis Bros

Surely at some point in the future a week will pass where there aren’t a few different Kickstarter projects worth mentioning. Not this week though.


The first thing Stasis reminds me of is the original Fallout games, and this is a very good thing. Moody, detailed, isometric environments and an interesting-sounding science-fiction plot? Sign me up.

Despite the Fallout vibe, Stasis is a point and click adventure, but don’t let that put you off. It’s got an oppressive atmosphere, gorgeous detailed art, and a whole lot more going for it over at the campaign page. There’s even an Alpha demo if you like to try before you pledge.


The Escapists

Considering how popular the prison break scenario is in film and television, it’s odd that it hasn’t been attempted much in games. The Escapists is here to rectify that.

You’ll need to learn the movements of the guards, craft tools and weapons, dig tunnels, manage relationships with other prisoners and more.

And for any Kickstarter skeptics who are interested but hesitant, the developer previously funded Spud’s Quest via Kickstarter and released it last year.


Paradise Lost: First Contact

In Paradise Lost: First Contact you play as an alien plant that has fallen to Earth and been captured by some nefarious types. I think I can safely say that particular premise has not previously been explored in games.

Beyond that, Paradise Lost is a 2D platformer, taking its cues from Oddworld, Metal Gear, Metroid and Castlevania, “focusing on action/stealth gameplay with a dash of platforming and puzzle-solving elements”.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, the animations are fantastic, and everything they’ve got to show of the game so far looks extremely promising.


Confederate Express

Post-apocalyptic and zombie games are something of an infestation as far as the last few years of gaming goes. What hasn’t been done to death though is a delivery game set in a futuristic post-apocalypse. The titular Confederate Express of Confederate Express is a delivery company staffed by ex-cons – expendable soldiers in the war on late deliveries and lost packages.

Take small, safe jobs, or take on big jobs for big rewards, and use the extra funds to kit your company out with better gear to take on the rampaging hordes. It’s a simple enough idea, but one that sounds like it will make a fantastic title if done well.


Bullet Bros

Bullet Bros is a side-scrolling, physics-based action platformer, inspired by Contra, but with crazy-looking vehicles to help in all your death dealing.

The concept art is beautiful, the screens make it look as though work is already progressing well, and the dev has big dreams for where to take the game if the funding pours in. Go have a look.


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