Newshogg – Exclusive Tigerfall

I’ve been slack this week, working on some prose and learning about the history of the Roman Empire. But the Honourable James McKibbin will have none of that shit, rounding up a twatload of news posts for me to sift through and present for you all.

Call of Duty bigger than all of human history, Tiger Woods gets chopped, The Walking Dead Season 2, DayZ, Dark Souls 2, and plenty more after the jump.

Call of History

Have you heard of this new Call of Duty series? Is it like Minecraft?
Well, some people have obviously heard of it before, because since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the series has been played for over 25 billion hours, or 2,85 million years – which is longer than the entirety of human history. That and other stats over here.

* * *

Oculus Droid

John Carmack is basically some sort of tech wizard. But that’s not news. The news is that as well as the version of the device for use with a PC, Carmack envisions a standalone Oculus Rift system running on a built-in Android processor.

Light-weight mobile VR? Now that is enough to make me take notice.

* * *

Clash of the Titan(fall)s

Despite rumours, hopes and prayers to the contrary, EA have said that Titanfall will never ever ever ever be available on Sony’s black box. It will remain exclusive to the Xboxes and PC for the ‘life of the title.’

As if to fire a warning shot across Microsoft’s bow, Sony and Ubisoft team up for some EXCLUSIVE DLC. BOOM! Console war over, Microsoft Wins, Fatality!

Oh no wait. The Xbox One is just an information gathering tool for the surveillance state and advertisers, I nearly forgot. I guess it’s still a draw then.

* * *

The Walking Dead Presidents

A double-whammy of The Walking Dead announcements. No, not the comic book. No, not the TV show. No, not the bad video game, the good one.

Telltale have announced a GOTY Edition of The Walking Dead Season 1, containing the five original episode, the 400 Days DLC, a behind-the-scenes video and the game’s soundtrack. Not only that, but (this isn’t a whammy, it’s just interesting) they revealed that to date the game has sold over 21 million individual episodes. That’s quite a few undead presidents.

They also announced Season 2, starring everyone’s favourite orphan Clementine. Gee, thanks Telltale. Now I know she doesn’t get dismembered in Season 1. Arseholes. (Seriously, I need to get back and finish that game. It’s great, and harrowing.)

* * *

Be Wary of Beta

In news that should bring joy to anyone that missed the previous rounds of the Dark Souls 2 Beta, they haven’t yet missed their third (and final) chance after a recent delay. The new round will begin on November 10, with the game still set for a March release.

I have it on good authority that Kibbs will passionately embrace any person who is able to get him into the beta.

* * *


In news that might be of interest to those weirdos that enjoy playing sports video games, EA Sports have dropped Tiger Woods.

Sorry, I got nothin’. I don’t care enough about golf, golf games, EA Sports or Tiger Woods to expand on it.

* * *

The [REDACTED] Parable

The Stanley Parable is a game I enjoyed immensely. It is also a game with a very dry sense of humour, which some people apparently didn’t appreciate. There is an image in the game representing choice – a well-dressed man lighting an impoverished child’s cigarette, and on the flipside the man lighting the child on fire. It was so obviously a joke, and so obviously farcical that I wasn’t the slightest bit offended by it, in fact it didn’t even register as potentially offensive. This being the internet though, someone was offended, and that someone felt the need to complain about it.

Talking to Kotaku, developer Davey Wreden said “we always wanted the game to be something that could be played by anyone of any age. If a person would feel less comfortable showing the game to their children then I’ve got no problem helping fix that!”

I’m of two minds about the situation. On the one hand, it is entirely up to the dev to make these sorts of decisions, but on the other hand, if someone isn’t able to see the humour and pure farce in this joke, then I imagine most of the narrative nuance of the game will go right over their head*.

[*This is in reference to the comment about children playing the game. I simply have no answer for any otherwise-intelligent adults who chose to be offended.]

* * *

Gone Nope

Speaking of games I enjoyed that I think more gamers and non-gamers alike should play, some more information about Gone Home has come to light. Did you know it started out as an Amnesia mod? Well, now you do. Frictional Games would always refuse to licence their engine because of the lack of proper documentation, but before moving over to Unity, Fullbright still managed to put together a small, barebones mod, which you can now download and try for yourself.

* * *


Good news, everyone! Or to be more precise: Good news, everyone who skipped over the DayZ mod, electing instead to wait for the forthcoming standalone version! The Escapist picked up on an entry in the Steam Database for DayZ Early Access.

At the moment there’s no official date for early access or the final release, but this is the first word we’ve had on it in a while, and sometimes not-no-news is good news.


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