Curbstomper – Dropsy in the Woods

There can be only one!

Unless you’ve got lots of money I guess, in which case you could support any number of things you find on Kickstarter. Here’s some that caught my eye this week.


Scale is an exploratory puzzle game where you can change any item in the game world to any size in order to solve puzzles and progress (which is vaguely reminiscent of Depth).

The exploration aspect comes from the game having an open world akin to Mario 64 or the early Zelda games, but otherwise the puzzles are sinpired by the likes of Portal and The Swapper.

It sounds intriguing and the art is utterly gorgeous, so send you looking balls that way.



Obduction is the next in a long line of 90s revival, nostalgia-driven Kickstarter campaigns. Brought to us by the creators of Myst and Riven, Obduction is their attempt ro ressurect the first-person exploration puzzler for the modern audience.

Never having had an interest in those much-loved games, I don’t have much of an opinion on the necromancy Cyan Inc are hoping to work, but if you’ve been waiting for a spiritual successor for all these years, now’s your chance to bring it to life.


Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a new game from Alec Holowka (creator of Aquaria) and animator Scott Benson, with a stretch goal roping in Adam Saltsman of Canabalt, Hundreds and Alphabet fame to build a Roguelike that you can play within the game.

But as for the game itself, Night in the Woods is a story-driven, exploration and adventure game with fantastic-looking, distinctive 2D art. Looking at the pitch it’s no wonder the game was 200% funded in a matter of days – but don’t take my word for it.



Dropsy is pure nightmare fuel. Ok, that’s not entirely accurate, but for anyone with a fear of clowns, it’s probably best if they avoid looking at the gorgeous, but creepy, pixelart on display at the game’s Kickstarter page.

It’s a 2D point and click adventure game steeped in surrealism, mystery and humour. Despite his somewhat disturbing appearance, Dropsy is a kind clown, and the game will focus on the helping and hugging of the characters you find in the world rather than the hurting and killing we’re often accustomed to.

All evidence points to Dropsy being a unique and refreshing experience. Go look.



I had always planned to cover some non-video games here, but situations have conspired against me. As someone who enjoys karaoke (in english literally “drunkenly yelling into a microphone to music”), Karaokards looks like a great way to add another layer of frivolity to karaoke proceedings.

Karaokards began life as a card game that changes the way you do karaoke, but now also encompasses an additional card game that you can play anywhere.

There is a whole lot of information about the games on the Kickstarter page, so if you love karaoke, or just music in general, go have a look.


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