Indie Jones – a very very VERY scary house

Anna Anthropy, aka Auntie Pixelante, has made her latest Twine game available for purchase right here. We’ve all been spoiled by all the free Twine we could unravel, but now is your chance to support a creator who has previously offered a veritable twatload of games for free on her site.

Ok, but what is a very very VERY scary house, and is it actually that scary?

Just in time for Halloween (ok, ok, it’s still two weeks away), a very very VERY scary house is set in a – you guessed it – haunted house. It’s the sort of place that would have Scooby and Shaggy jumping into each others’ arms, with ghosts, witches, evil scientists, living paintings and other creepy things all living under the one roof.
For anyone else though, it’s less scary and more cute, funny or endearing.

You’re exploring the house with your friend Jeanine Janeeny – a couple of self-styled Junior Detectives. She’s that friend in highschool that we all had (or were) that always manages to convince you to do things against your better judgement, and unsurprisingly you’ll find yourself getting her out of trouble on most of your forays into the house.

There are four mysteries to be solved, multiple ways to solve them (58 endings all-told), and a whole house of creepiness to explore.

Grab it here.


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