Newshogg – Mass Dog Roller

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Newshogg!

Kickstarter downunder, Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets augmented further, Actiblizzard buys itself, Watch Dogs gets delayed, and more after the jump.

* * *

Kickstarter is finally making its way to the Southern Hemisphere. Starting immediately, hopeful hat holders in Australia and New Zealand can start to build their pitches, ready for launch on November 13th.

Finally we might start to see some true blue projects on Kickstarter – like Casual Racism Simulator 2014, Boat People Battleship and Mortal Songbat 13: Barnsey vs Farnsey.

* * *

Wait Dogs

Game delays happen sometimes, it can’t be helped. Ubisoft game delays happen all the time… like clockwork. In news that surprises no one, Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming hack-em-up Watch Dogs has been delayed until 2014.
What is surprising though is that Ubisoft shares dropped around 20% off the back of this news. I knew people were excited about Watch Dogs, but that is a bigger response than I would have expected.

Let’s hope the delay works out for the best in the long run, or we might see another publisher slowly going the way of the THQalo.

* * *

Mass Effect For?

Speaking to Mass Effect 3 Lead Writer Mac Walters, Complex were told that the story in the next Mass Effect game “doesn’t relate necessarily to any of the Shepard events at all, whatsoever.”

I still haven’t played ME3, and indeed the furore surrounding the game made me tire of it without even touching it, but I’m sure some people out there will take this piece of information and start speculating like the crazy conspiracy theorists of completely fictional universes that they are.

* * *

Director’s Augmentation

Square Enix are preparing to release a Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut containing all three previously released DLC packs, developer commentary, and unlock a New Game+ mode.

It may also go some way to fixing the completely awful boss battles, though I haven’t been able to find any details on exactly how it might do that. I gave up on the game after I realised the boss battles completely disregarded how I wanted to play the game, so this might be enough to get me back. Maybe.

* * *

Frozen Account

In news that simply demonstrates how poorly I know my ABCs (Accountancy, Buy-outs and Corporations) Activision-Blizzard has purchased itself from former parent company Vivendi.

Don’t even bother trying to explain it to me, I guarantee that I’ll switch off before you need to take your first breath.

* * *

Roll On

For anyone who doubted the arrival of the one true pad that will free us from the tyranny of desk, Valve have released a video of the Steam Roller in action.

It looks precise and comfortable for both Portal 2 and Counterstrike: GO, but understandably clunky in Civilization V. Still, the fact it can be used for CiV at all is impressive.

They even give some love at the end of the video to Papers, Please.

* * *

Hunt for Rad October

Gamasutra is reporting (via the Hollywood Reporter) that the Russian Government is planning to produce patriotic video games, and may even begin to ban the import of games that paint Russia, Russian soldiers, or Russia’s history in a negative light.

If we can’t have Russian bad guys in our video games any more will we have to go back to Nazis? Or zombies? Or Nazi Zombies? Come on Putin, don’t play us like that.

It’s also hard to take Russia’s righteous indignation seriously as they continue to persecute the LGBTI community. You’re worried about how you’re being portrayed in video games? Fuck you. Some clichéd drunk Russian soldiers in an American video game won’t harm your reputation any more than the way you are treating your own citizens and visiting sportspeople.

* * *

Gone Home with a Vengeance

Fullbright, the developers of the fantastic Gone Home, have announced they’ll be releasing a commentary track for the game as free DLC.

Any reason to go back into that house is a good one, as far as I’m concerned.

(Special thanks, again, to James McKibbin for helping roundup the Newshogg.)


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