Newshogg – Perfect Day – 10/10

Welcome to another exciting installment of Newshogg. Ok, maybe less exciting and more enlightening.

GOG trolls the US Congress, prototype GabeCube specs released, Teleglitch finds new ways to explode your brain, IndieCade winners announced, and plenty more after the jump.

* * *

Specs Ends Spec

Following on from the GabeCube announcement, Valve have revealed the system specs of the current prototype boxes.

The 300 prototype units will ship with the following components:
GPU: some units with NVidia Titan, some GTX780, some GTX760, and some GTX660
CPU: some boxes with Intel i7-4770, some i5-4570, and some i3
RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600 (CPU), 3GB GDDR5 (GPU)
Storage: 1TB/8GB Hybrid SSHD
Power Supply: Internal 450w 80Plus Gold
Dimensions: approx. 12 x 12.4 x 2.9 in high

We can see that Valve is already planning a range of different machines from the get-go, presumably so they can offer a GabeCube that suits everyone’s budget. There’s a lot of info (and marketing blather) at the link, but interestingly they mention ‘upgrade decisions’ for Steam Machine owners, confirming this will be a far more open platform than the other livingroom machines that will be vying your Christmas cash.

* * *

Good old Burns

GOG (Gog? gog? GoG? gOg? How is it meant to be stylised now that it isn’t an acronym?) is currently running a Shutdown sale, which isn’t news in itself, but what makes it interesting is the fact that they’re offering a pack of free games from the Shutdown sale to everyone who’s been furloughed. They just need to send proof to a thanks Obama email address.

Bravo, gog. Well played.

* * *

Crowdfunding Squared

Square Enix officially wins the title of First Publisher to Fully Embrace the Potential of Crowdfunding with their new Collective program.

It doesn’t involve any money per se, it’s more of a way for SE to measure community excitement regarding a title, so they can then partner with the developers to distribute the game.
Money will be raised through your standard IndieGoGo drives, but presumably after a month of campaigning on Collective the devs will be in good stead with a focused message and prior community hype.

* * *


IndieCade is indie gaming’s answer to the Sundance Film Awards (thanks Wiki!), being a festival of indie games, with jury-judged awards being given to outstanding games in a number of categories. Shack News has a list of this year’s winners, and it is, as they say, a doozy.

  • Grand Jury Award – Quadrilateral Cowboy (Blendo Games)
  • Audience Choice Award – SlashDash (Nevernaut Games)
  • Media Choice Award – TowerFall (Matt Thorson)
  • Developer Choice Award – Killer Queen (Joshua DeBonis & Nikita Mikros)
  • Trailblazer Award – Tracy Fullertron (Spiderdance Inc., Director of the USC Game Innovation Lab)
  • Special Recognition Award – Porpentine’s Twine Compilation (Porpentine)
  • Technology Award – Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party (KnapNok Games)
  • Interaction Award – Spaceteam (Sleeping Beast Games)
  • Game Design Award – Nidhogg (Messhof)
  • Impact Award – Dog Eat Dog (Liwanag Press)
  • Story/Word Design Award – Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)
  • Visual Design Award – Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)
  • Audio Design Award – Gone Home (The Fullbright Company)

Quadrilateral Cowboy is the follow-up to Thirty Flights of Loving, which absolutely blew me away, so I have no doubt it deserved the prize. Kentucky Route Zero similarly impressed me, as did Gone Home.
Nidhogg inspired this very column, and Porpentine’s Howling Dogs thoroughly impressed me when I investigated Twine earlier in the year.

I haven’t personally played any of the others, but if it’s getting a nod from IndieCade, you know you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming months.

* * *

Brain Explodes Some More

Teleglitch? Teleglitch.
Teleglitch is probably still my favourite action Roguelike, and if you still haven’t played it, you’ve got another reason to quit procrastinating and just buy it already. Now published by Paradox, it was inevitable that DLC packs would be incoming, the first of which gives players some new weapons for inside the game and some new music for outside the game. Wouldn’t it be scary if it was the other way around?

If that’s not enough the game also now has full controller support.

The DLC is free for anyone who pre-ordered Teleglitch, or relatively cheap for those that didn’t. Teleglitch itself is 75% off for another few days, and it’s an absolute steal at that price.

* * *

WinStation 4

A Sony representative has confirmed on Twitter that the Playstation 4 Dualshock controller will have basic functionality with Windows straight out of the box. Obviously with Microsoft owning both Windows and the Xbox brand, and with the 360 controller taking residence as the defacto controller for PC games, this could be seen as a big victory for Sony.

No word yet on when they might achieve full functionality, but I could imagine the touchpad coming in very handy simply to control the mouse cursor for some quick navigation between games, or for when the developers haven’t integrated controller support fully.


(Special thanks, again, to James McKibbin for helping roundup the Newshogg.)


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