Newshogg – Half-Throne 3

The Newshogg may have found lots of juicy tidbits for us, but let’s not beat around the bush – apparent confirmation of development on Half-Life 3 is the biggest news of the week… Oh, and some US Government thing.

In other news, Wasteland Kings gets a new coat of paint, Tommy Refenes gives his thoughts on the Steam Roller, Tom Clancy passes away, and plenty more…

* * *

Half-Lies 3

The big news this week is that Valve has registered the trademark for Half-Life 3 in the EU, fueling speculation that they are finally, definitely working on the much-anticipated sequel. Personally I was surprised that they hadn’t already registered it before now just to be on the safe side, so obviously this isn’t confirmation of anything.

Adding more fuel to the fire though is an email leak spotted on Reddit that appears to confirm there are 46 people working on Half-Life 3, with 10 of those people being flagged as part of the Core Team.

Again, this doesn’t mean anything. It could be a hoax, or even if the emails were real they could be an in-joke at Valve. We know nothing, but nothing is news as ever.
It would of course, though, be a fantastic way to help push SteamOS and the GabeCube – early access, a free copy, or perhaps an exclusive crowbar! Half-Life 2 being exclusive to Steam was a major factor in quickly giving the digital platform a large userbase, so it would only make sense for them to try something similar again.

As an interesting and totally spot-on counterpoint to the ongoing hooplah surrounding Half-Life 3A message from Gabe Newell.

* * *

Steam Roller

As we predicted last week, the third announcement in Valve’s speculation-inducing triptych was a new type of controller to go hand-in-hand with the new OS and hardware. They’re calling it the Steam Controller, but I’m calling it the Steam Roller because… because fuck you that’s why.

It’s a unique piece of hardware, designed to be able to replicate keyboard and mouse well enough to allow people to play any sort of game from the comfort of their couch. Go on, have a read; Personally I found the breakdown a lot more interesting than the previous two announcements.

No matter how promising it looks though, the proof is in the putting it in your hands (that’s the old saying, right?). Tommy Refenes is the programmer behind Super Meat Boy, and the one who worked tirelessly to get the controls to feel perfect, and I mean perfect. Hence, his thoughts about the current prototype of the Steam Roller are worth checking out.

* * *

Nuclear As Day

Vlambeer’s Wasteland Kings has been given a facelift after inXile got in touch about the potential confusion between Wasteland Kings and Wasteland 2, and will now be known as Nuclear Throne – which is just as badass and also completely gender-neutral.

Whilst you would probably need to be pretty stupid to get the two games confused, American Copyright law makes it so that not actively defending a Copyright you own can weaken it, and after all the effort that Brian Fargo has put in to resurrecting Wasteland after all these years, he would obviously feel the need to protect it.

The good news though, is that where most companies would get in touch via lawyers wielding Cease & Desists, an employee from inXile got in touch personally and both groups were able to sort the issue out in an amicable matter. Sadly, that sort of is news in the gaming industry.

* * *

On Water

Do you have any money? NOT FOR LONG.

Not On Steam is a new week-long sale promoting more than 35 fantastic indie games that you won’t (yet) find on Steam. They’re anywhere between 25-50% off, and many are offering Steam keys for early adopters when and if they get Greenlit.

Standouts (meaning I’ve heard of them before and they look interesting) include The Yahwg, Tower of Guns, Race the Sun, Sokobond, and The Sea Will Claim Everything, but with such a broad selection, there’s almost guaranteed to be something for everyone.

* * *

Tom Clancy’s Ghost

Tom Clancy – best-selling author of military and spy novels – has died, aged 66. His novels have been adapted into films, but if you’re reading this site you might remember him from such franchises as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

* * *

Glitch Fest Auto

The unstoppable juggernaut that is GTA V continues to earn a spot in the news this week, though it’s for all the wrong reasons.

GTA Online launched this week with massive connectivity issues that stopped a lot of people from being able to access the game. On top of that, players are reporting corrupted save games as a result of accessing the online service.

* * *

Gaympire Strikes Back

After a hugely successful inaugural convention, GaymerX will be returning in 2014 with GaymerX2: Gaylectric Boogaloo. Sorry, I have a pathological condition where I have to make terrible puns any time I’m talking about a sequel.

They’ll be moving to a bigger venue, running the convention across three and a half days, and the event is being sponsored by Cards Against Humanity. Max Temkin has recently expressed his disappointment at aspects of this year’s PAX, so supporting the premier LGBTI Gaming Convention seems like a fantastic and practical way to provide a counterpoint to the bullshit we can unfortunately now always expect from Penny Arcade.

Tickets are available now.

* * *

(Plastic) Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all

In news that’s close to home for me, Screen Australia is providing $2.6 million in funding to 21 Australian indie developers, in the hopes of bolstering the local game development industry.

* * *

In Space No One Can Hear You Cha-Ching

Star Citizen is a space game? It’s somehow related to Wing Commander?
Honestly, the only thing I know about it is that it has earned an absolute twatload of money through various crowdfunding avenues. They’ve now raised over twenty million dollars. For that much money I’m sure you’ll be able to command a whole lot of wings manned by citizens of the stars.


Special thanks (as ever) to James McKibbin for helping to tame the Newshogg.


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