Newshogg – Diabolic Trolling

What’s that on the horizon? Why, it’s the veiny, undulating flesh of the Newshogg, bringing us new news with which to stuff in our pants… Or whatever it is you do with news.

The Death of a Legend, Blizzard shut down the Auction House, an exclusive indie games pack that you should jump on post-haste, epic trolling from Deep Silver, GTA V workarounds and more, just after the jump.

* * *

In breaking news, Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi has died, aged 85. This is the man who took a trading card company and turned it into the household name it is today – truly a giant in the field.

* * *


The always-online DRM/feature (depending on who you ask) of Diablo III and its real money Auction House were controversial from the get-go, and now – a year after launch – Blizzard have decided to backpeddle on one of these issues. The Auction House is due to close on March 18, 2014 so that Blizzard’s click-loot-repeat feedback-loop can once again claim the mortal souls of gamers the world over… Ok, that last bit wasn’t in the press release.

* * *

Grand Theft Trolol

Just in case you have been living in a cave for a few months, and this website is inscrutably the first one you’re going to check, I should warn you – a new GTA came out this week and it’s all a lot of people are talking about. GTA V is not going to be out on PC for some indeterminate length of time, so in a cheeky little bit of trolling, Deep Silver announced that GAT V would be free on Steam for one day only.
GAT V is a DLC pack for Saints Row IV that most certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Rockstar’s latest foray into the realm of murder simulation.

In related news, those long-suffering, ancient behemoths in your living room might be struggling with the full GTA V experience. On the Xbox 360 there is a mandatory 8Gb install, but installing the Play disc to the HDD too can lead to various issues, as outlined here. According to Digital Foundry, the best option is to install the Play disc on a 16Gb USB stick, or to instead go down to the park with a coffee and a good book*.

*Ok, Digital Foundry didn’t say that last part.

* * *

Good LAG(S)

For a limited amount of time, anyone who missed out on backing the LA Game Space Kickstarter has a chance to get their hands on the otherwise-exclusive Experimental Games pack.

It’s a $15 donation for games from the people behind Katamari Damacy, Canabalt, Hotline Miami, QWOP, Samurai Gunn, Kentucky Route Zero and many many more. 33 games in total.
Limited time only remember, so if any of them tickle your fancy enough, don’t dawdle. I’ll be covering some of the games over the coming weeks.

* * *

Gabe and Linux sitting in a tree T.R.Y.I.N.G.T.O.R.E.D.E.F.I.N.E.T.H.E.W.A.Y.W.E.G.A.M.I.N.G.

* * *


Even though Major Nelson finds the nickname disrespectful, Microsoft has now purchased the domain It simply redirects to a Bing search at the moment, instantly tripling usage of the Bing search engine*, so it’s probably safe to assume that Microsoft aren’t going to rebrand the black box so close to release.

Hey, Major Nelson – if you’re looking to buy more resources that are disrespectful to the Xbone name, I’ve got a tasty little logo you could make an offer on…

*Not an actual fact, just me being disrespectful a dick.

* * *

Able Gamers’ First Lab

The Able Gamers – a foundation dedicated to “improv[ing] the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games.” – has opened up their first lab in West Virginia that featuring “all of the top-end gaming devices and cutting-edge assistive technology set up specifically to enable those with disabilities to play video games.”

It’s easy for us able-bodied types to take for granted the intricate worlds that games allow us to explore, so it’s fantastic to see Able Gamers doing everything they can to help the differently-abled.


Special thanks (as ever) to James McKibbin for helping to tame the Newshogg.


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