GTAV – Gay Text Adventure Vacation

The entire Western World is going crazy over some game called Grand Theft Auto V. But if you’re sick of running over pedestrians, treating women like objects and perpetuating racial stereotypes, then perhaps you need a different GTAV – a Gay Text Adventure Vacation!

[Thanks to Merritt Kopas for the idea and the recommendations.]

And the Robot Horse You Rode In On – by Anna Anthropy, featuring code by Lydia Neon.

A lesbian, sci-fi cowgirl story for the ages. Plays perfectly with the idea of the untrustworthy narrator – seeing as the narrator is “you” and you don’t know what’s happening either.


Sabbat – by oh no problems

Hilarious, evil-fuelled power fantasy. The carnage on display here could put all the Saints Theft Auto games to shame. (SPOILER: I rather enjoyed the blasphemous, goat head genitals, but you can see for yourself if the other junk-heads are just as blasphemous.)


Marine Cathedral – by Katrina Elisse Caudle

A poetic tale of teen love caught up in timeless conflict. Beautifully told, encompassing that element of eternal, earth-shattering love that teenagers all feel like they’re caught up in with the presence of unnamed ethereal beings and demigods.


If anyone has some more Gay Text Adventures for me to feature during the next vacation, get in touch.


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