Curbstomper – Mighty City Ransom Blues

Previously we’ve highlighted games that have really stood out, but let’s see if we can expand these here Curbstomping horizons.


Mighty No. 9

First cab off the rank is Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to the Mega Man series, brought to you by Keiji Inafune and other Mega Man veterans. If that name means anything to you, then you’re probably one of the people that has already helped to get this project up over 1.9 million dollars, with 21 days still to go.


River City Ransom: Underground
In a time of spiritual successors it’s strange to see an officially licensed follow-up to a decades-old title, but that’s exactly what we have here with River City Ransom: Underground.
For any young’ns in the audience, the original River City Ransom was a sidescrolling beat-em-up with RPG elements that came out in 1990.


Something decidedly non-retro just to mix things up a little bit. Light is a top-down, 2D, stealth and espionage game with gorgeous and minimalist graphics. It brings to mind Monaco and Frozen Synapse, which is certainly a compliment.


Golem Arcana
Harebrained Schemes already had great success with the Kickstarter for Shadowrun Returns, and now they’re back with something a little different. Golem Arcana is a table-top miniatures slash digital hybrid that is designed to run from iOS and Android tablets.
With pre-painted figures, automated record-keeping and instant feedback for moves, their aim is to “forget the work and focus on strategy and fun”, which is something we can certainly get behind.


Death Road to Canada
Death Road to Canada
is a post-apocalyptic zombie game, that mixes action in ravaged, randomised cities, bickering party members and decision making in the form on interactive fiction elements. Post-apocalyptic zombie-infested road trip game? Sounds a lot like Organ Trail, but at the same time it looks like there are enough unique and interesting elements here to make it worth a look.


Octopus City Blues
Octopus City Blues
is the authentic octopus city simulator… I have no idea what that means, but I’m already intrigued. It is something of an adventure game of old, but steeped in surrealism. Ghost in a Bottle have already doubled their target with 2 weeks to go.


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