Newshogg – Arsehole Within

Is the appearance of the fabled Newhogg now a weekly affair? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In this installment, those arseholes from Penny Arcade continue to be arseholes, Enemy Within officially Magnum-sized, Facebook Unified, and Double Fine double finds some voice talent for Broken Age.

* * *

Gabe – if that is his real name – said he regretted removing the dickwolves merchandise from sale, eliciting a big cheer from the crowd. If you aren’t aware, the dickwolves “joke” was at the expense of rape victims, and yes, I get that the joke was also about the bullshit quests doled out in RPGs, but it was still making light of rape.

Leigh Alexander has a succinct wrap-up of recent events here. Historical timeline is here.

If anyone still isn’t convinced that this was a dick move, the next time you feel like telling a rape joke I want you to do me a favour: call your mum and ask her if she has ever been sexually assaulted. Call your sister. Call your girlfriend. Call your female friends. Statistically speaking, one of these people that you care about will have been sexually assaulted, and if after hearing their story you still want to tell your joke, go for it. Tell your stupid fucking rape joke, then kill yourself, because you’ll never learn empathy and you’re a worthless sack of shit.

* * *

Great news for anyone excited by the prospect of more invitations to shitty Facebook games shitting up their feed: Facebook has released a new Unity SDK that will make it easier for developers to put Facebook branding and social “features” into their games.

One day there will be no internet, there will be only the ‘book.

* * *

At we have played much XCOM, so we happily welcomed the news of an expansion pack that will add cybernetic implants, a new soldier class and new maps. Sounds like a lot of new content, right? Right. The expansion pack was too big to be distributed as a download for consoles, instead needing a standalone physical release.

XCOM: Enemy Within will drop November 15.

* * *

Double Fine have announced that their Kickstarted adventure game – Broken Age – is actually going to be the fourth Mass Effect adventure of Commander “FemShep” Shepard. Ok, maybe not, but they do have Jennifer Hale on board in the voice acting department, as well as plenty of other talented folks. Oh, and some guy named Jack Black.


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