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Videodrome – Spelunky aka Spikelunky

Spelunky is a procedurally generated, permadeath platformer that was first released for free on PC in 2009. When the paid version hit Steam recently (after a short exclusivity stint on XBLA) I was much more interested in Papers, Please and basically avoided Spelunky until I started seeing the videos emerge from the game’s Daily Challenge.

The Daily Challenge is a dungeon variant available to every owner of the game on a set day. You get one attempt to descend as far as you can and claim as much loot as possible until you get impaled on some spikes, bitten by a spider or impaled on some spikes. Mainly the spikes.

Fuck spikes.

I’ve been learning the ins-and-outs of Spelunky entirely through the medium of the Daily Challenges.
My first few attempts were painful in their inadequacy; 120 seconds of fearful jumping before I ran headlong into some fucking spikes. I find my spelunking efforts to be not so much of a learning curve but an exercise in patience. I don’t feel like I’m improving, but more enduring repeated deaths in the same way as the immortal Highlander, struggling futilely as everyone in my family grows old and dies around me as I am eternally young and doomed to run into spikes forever – if ‘Spikes’ was an affectionate nickname Connor McLeod gave the Kurgan.

Below are some of my attempts, and I’m producing a new one day by painful day.







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