Newshogg – Samurai Gunn Monkeys

Let’s try and make these news posts semi-regular, shall we?

A possibly game-saving update for Gun Monkeys, Microsoft stops being quite so shit to its customers, another local multiplayer dueler enters the thunderdome and something funny.

* * *

Free Gun Mon-keys

I adored Gun Monkeys… when I was able to find a challenger. I have 6 hours of playtime on the clock, and only 12 matches played, the rest of that time was spent sitting in an empty lobby (or breaking the tutorial). Well, developer Dan Marshall has come up with a rather ingenious solution to the problem – Gun Monkeys will now grant free Steam keys to players who find themselves in an empty lobby for a few minutes. The idea is that players can pass these free keys on to friends, growing the playerbase and keeping the game’s lobbies filled with chumps for you to murder.

Already the game has had a price drop and comes with a second giftable copy, so let’s hope this latest effort gives Gun Monkeys the sort of community it deserves.

* * *

Samurai Gunna Kill Each Other

It was news about Nidhogg that spawned this column, so now here’s another local multiplayer dueler that has been getting a lot of attention at indie game shows.

Created by Teknopants and published by Maxistentialism (creator of Cards Against Humanity, among other things), Samurai Gunn is a fast and frenetic brawler that pits up to four samurais against each other with nothing but their wits, a katana and a gun with only three bullets. If all the chatter surrounding it, and the video here, are anything to go by, it’ll be one to watch out for.

* * *

A Century of Greenlight

The latest batch of games has passed through the gauntlet that is Steam’s Greenlight system.

Some notable titles coming to a digital storefront near you:

  • Black AnnexSyndicate-inspired espionage game created entirely in QBASIC.
  • Escape Goat – Brilliant puzzle platformer that has previously been featured in Indie Royale bundles and at Desura (Disclaimer: I did some testing on Escape Goat.)
  • NEO Scavenger – Procedurally generated, PKD-inspired, post-apocalyptic survival RPG.
  • Risk of Rain – A sci-fi, Roguelike platformer with lots of interesting ideas.
  • And obviously many, many more.

* * *

Point Break

I know I used that image last time too, but I like it.
In another example of Microsoft being on the backfoot against Sony’s unstoppable PR freight train, they’ve finally done away with their imaginary Microbux.

The points were always a way to put a mental gap between XBL purchases and their actual monetary value, which I’ve always considered a shady and consumer-hostile practice, so I’m happy to see it done away with.

Existing points will automatically be converted into your local currency and won’t expire until June, 2015. That our money can expire at all is pretty fucking rich, if you ask me.

* * *

Ou, are ya being scammed?

I’ll just leave this here. Ouya may be getting scammed by some dubious Kickstarters, and they may be doing it knowingly. It’s an odd situation, and I half-expect it to blow up in the coming days.

* * *

Ha-ha-humble Comedy Bundle

It might not be the first time the Humble people have gone beyond the realm of gaming, but it sure is the funniest.

The latest bundle includes comedy audio or video from Jim Norton, Hannibal Buress, Tig Notaro, Maria Bamford, and for those paying above the average, Louie CK and Patrice O’Neal. Louie has been offering DRM-free purchases through his website for around 18 months now, so it’s great to see this expanding to other comedians and other outlets.

Laughter is the best medicine – especially when proceeds are going to help sick kids and other charities.


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