Newshogg – Original Kickstarter

If you want gaming news literally* days after the event, then the Newshogg is here to help.

EA perform Olympic-level backflips, Microsoft continues to fumble the Xbone launch, and is proven to have fantastic taste.

* * *

EA has decided to horrendously devalue a number of Intellectual Properties by putting a big ol’ collection of their games into a Humble Bundle.

It’s easy to be cynical, but you have to applaud them for giving 100% of their bundle proceeds to charity. I’ll personally be skipping this one because the one game that I’m most interested in playing I already own on Steam (Mirror’s Edge, for those of you playing at home), but I’m sure plenty of people out there will want to jump on this.

* * *

Microsoft has had to push back the release of the Xbox One in eight European countries for localisation or some other bollocks. It is the latest in a series of PR fumbles for Microsoft, but only time will tell if it actually effects the success of the console.

* * *

The campaigns for both Satellite Reign and Tangiers looked extremely promising from the outset, but the internet was relatively slow in opening its collective wallet. Good taste prevailed though and both reached their Kickstarter goals – even managing to hit some stretch goals.
Things are also looking good for Fran Bow. I’m going to have to photoshop a WW Seal of Fundproval at this rate.

* * *

*In unrelated news, the English language literally died… And we thought the shambling Frankenstein of stolen words and phrases was invulnerable.


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