Newshogg – Nidhogg Reign: Die More

We don’t really do general news here at, but this week has seen a spate of things that are – as they say – relevant to our interests. Good news on Nidhogg, Satellite Reign and Teleglitch after the jump.

Nidhogg is a mythological beast. Only heard of in excited tweets and only seen in the wild of indie gaming events – it is an award-winning and much hyped game of one-on-one dueling and being devoured by a giant dickworm for points. After years of quiet development it is seeing a proper release. got the scoop at EVO recently, talking to developer Mark Essen who hopes to have the game out through Steam before the end of the year. As well as a tweaked version of the dueling multiplayer that has won Nidhogg a legion of fans already, a singleplayer mode versus AI is planned.

You might not be excited yet, but that’s because you haven’t seen it in action. KaosGamingTV has 28 minutes of footage that I personally found more interesting and exciting than any sportsball game I’ve ever watched.

We’ll be waiting feverishly for more news.

* * *

Whilst it was starting to look like a nail-biting finish there, Satellite Reign reached its Kickstarter goal with three days to go. Personally, I think it was this short snippet of in-engine video that finally convinced the internet at large that 5 Lives Studios have what it takes.

There is still time to jump on board.

(Also, the devs would have been happy to talk to us – being the lovely bastards that they are – but their updates were so detail-packed I couldn’t think of what else I would have asked them about…)

* * *

Teleglitch – which I evangelised thusly – has received an expanded version, published by Paradox and released on Steam. You now have no excuse to not play the best game that nobody has told you about (except me).


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