Videodrome – Gun Monkeys Double Feature

Gun Monkeys is a game. It’s a game I rather enjoy playing, as you may have gathered from reading this. Sometimes words are not enough, and pictures (which are worth a thousand words, apparently) just won’t suffice… Lucky for us, on the 8th day Cronenberg created VIDEODROME.

We’ve got a Gun Monkeys double feature, so keep your lookin’ balls on the picture radio below.

First up, I’ll show you exactly how to break that pesky tutorial. It’ll net you a cheev, but it’s worth it just for extra Kevin Eldon narration.


And secondly, a few minutes of gameplay footage. Do you wonder what Gun Monkeys plays like?
Would you like to watch me get a substantial lead and lose it without even realising?
Are you an insomniac looking for something – ANYTHING – to watch while you wait for the sweet oblivion of sleep to meet you?
Well then I’ve got a video for you. Narrated in situ, which is not the best way to do it, apparently. Either that or I need practice.


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