Curbstomper – Tangiers

I have to admit I was quietly hoping Tangiers would appear on Kickstarter after seeing an early preview at some other games site. Well, I’d prefer it to appear on my computer, ready to play, but for many indie developers these days Kickstarter is an important step between taking up ideaspace and taking up hard drive space.

So what is it, and why do I care?

Tangiers is a stealth game inspired by surrealism and dadaism, Burroughs and Ballard, Throbbing Gristle and David Lynch and in one fell swoop it manages to scratch every itch I could possibly have.

Starting with the sandbox stealth of the Thief games as a foundation, they’re planning to build a unique and subtly-mutating city of dark surrealism atop it. From the Kickstarter page:

Your interactions with the world cause it to fall apart. In homage to Burrough’s cut-up technique, the world collapses and rebuilds itself the more you interact with it – future areas rebuilt with the fragments and personality of places you mistreated. From this every play-through will, subtly or drastically, be unique to you.

This is a world I desperately wish to explore and lose myself in.

They’ve posted a video showing how the stealth will function in the game, and though Andalusian are calling it pre-Alpha footage, it’s already looking like a gorgeous, twisted nightmare city, populated with subconscious creatures brought vividly to life.

They’re asking for £35,000 to make fascinating title, seemingly unlike anything we’ve seen before, so I can only suggest that you give them all your money. All of it.


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