Fridiary – STALKER: Holiday in Chernobyl – Part IV

Part IV – A Boy and His Grog

Another day, another bout of radiation sickness. But, arseholes still have faces and I still have bullets. A Stalker’s job is never done.

Last time I made it to The Garbage… What could I possibly find of value in a place called The Garbage?

[This is my first experience with Shadow of Chernobyl. It all began here.
I’m playing it with the STALKER Complete 2009 mod after community recommendations, and the FOV Switcher after a headache kicked in.]

Respond to the Call for Help

I take a quick moment to take in my surroundings. For a place called Garbage, it looks fairly nice. I can hear yelling though, and my map puts four orange dots dead ahead of me. Despite the Ukrainian Language Immersion course I’m taking I still can’t understand a word they’re saying. It sounds kind of heated, but admittedly Eastern Europeans always sound angry to me.

I keep my MP5 ready and walk around the trucks that block the road. There’s a fellow Stalker surrounded by three arseholes. He yells out in English and tells me they’re bandits, and the shit hits the fan instantly.
I cap the nearest in the back of the head and the other two turn to fight, but they drop quickly. Goddamn I love this machine gun.

The Stalker I helped tells me the Bandits are trying to take over this area which would stop me and my Stalker friends from being able to partake in our Stalking hobby. That simply cannot be, so I agree to go with him to his leader to offer my services.

I bring up my їҎDД to check for directions, and when I’m done the idiot has gone. No sign of him anywhere, not even on my map. Boshemoi. Or whatever. Fuck it, let’s go.

The road is in a bit of a ditch, so I climb up the two hills on either side to get a better grasp of my current situation. To the right it looks like some sort of scrap yard, with a number of contacts that my magic space binoculars recognise as hostile.

To the left is a parking lot for motherfucking Hind helicopters, and a few contacts that are apparently friendly. Hmmm, Hinds or Hostiles?

At Hindhaven there are three Stalkers standing near the entrance. One of them looks like a total badass, with a painted skull on the hood of his Stalker onesie. This must be the leader that other guy was talking about.

His name is Bes – a most decidedly un-badass name. He tells me they’ve set up an ambush for the bandits and are expecting them any minute now. He asks for my help. I don’t know. Will I run around in a Hind graveyard shooting arseholes, or have I got more interesting things to do?


Repel the Bandit Raid

He tells me they’re coming from the West, so I hole up in the guard box next to the boom gate, pull out my binoculars and wait for their approach. I hear gunshots behind me and realise that I’m actually facing East.

Shit shit shit.

Every Bandit arsehole gets a bullet to the face, and I get more loot than I can carry. I drop some shitty pistols and then trade off all the excess to the Stalkers who are pretty flush. Bossman pays me two-large for helping, but I get more than double that just from trading the guns I’ve been picking up.

I don’t get it, why aren’t the Stalkers looting bodies too? Is there some Stalker code of conduct I’m not aware of? Or are their pockets so full of Artifacts that they don’t even bother?

Who cares. I have a lot of money, and all their medical gear. They have no money and a lot of guns, which they’re going to need if they want to keep this area safe from Bandits. Win-win.


Camp Elimination

According to my map there’s some sort of make out point that a couple of arseholes are stopping people from going to. I don’t know – the trader isn’t totally clear; he talks about lovers going there, and then he talks about it being a place to go to forget your troubles.
There are arseholes I can kill for money, that is all I really need to know. If I can also relax, drink some vodka and pretend I’m not in a radioactive shit-hole for a little while, that will be nice too.

I bid my Stalker friends farewell as the sun begins to set in the West.

I decide that not dying is the better part of valour and try to sneak around that scrapyard-looking place full of hostiles, but the arseholes spot me.

Look what you made me do! I wanted to sneak past, but no! You had to get bullets in your faces!

I guess Bes will be happy at least.

This whole area looks a bit different – I can see why the Trader uses it as a tourist spot. There’s clean-looking water, varied vegetation, even the weather in the Garbage seems nicer.

I chuck a few bolts and keep heading towards Make Out Point. My H.R. Geiger counter keeps beeping at me, and every now and then my vision tweaks so everything looks like an old-timey movie, but I can’t spot any anomalies. I decide to cheese it through the radioactive area – I’ve got vodka and RadAway, so I’ll be alright.

Geiger settles down just as I near the spot. I can see the arseholes are ready and waiting, but they’re looking West into the sun, and I’m sneaking in from the South-West.

A few short bursts from my friends Heckler and Koch and the bandits are dead.

I loot their arsehole corpses and I’m about to wander away when I decide I might as well see what all the fuss is about seeing as I came all the way out here. It’s a small clearing with a bit of vegetation.
I’ll admit it, it’s nice here, but it’s a bit hard for me to relax with Geiger and my їҎDД making all kinds of horrendous beeping noises.

Maybe some other time I’ll be able to make it back here… Perhaps with a дружина by my side. Some other time…

What’s next on the To-Do List? Get some more info on Strelok, this time from someone named Seriy. How am I even supposed to pronounce that?


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