Demo Man – Survivor Squad

It’s easy to think that “zombies” as a genre has been played out. When Hollywood is pouring millions of dollars into a Brad Pitt zombie movie you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was no longer ‘cool’ to make, release or play zombie games. You’d be wrong, but you’d be forgiven for being wrong.

Survivor Squad manages to do something with zombies that I’ve not yet seen. It’s a top-down squad shooter-and-looter with an additional strategic and survival layer that adds a whole lot of depth to what could otherwise be repetitive running and gunning. There’s also an impressive light and line-of-sight system in place that helps the levels to feel both claustrophobic and dynamic.

It apes the 28 Days Later and Walking Dead opening – you’ve been in a coma and have no idea what’s going on – but quickly shifts focus as you add more members to your party and start spreading out to explore, scavenge and survive.

The demo is here, and if any of the above tickles your fancy it’s well worth the time it takes to play through it.

It’s on sale until Monday, so despite the fucking backlog I jumped on it. I’ll report back on the full Survivor Squad experience soon.


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