A Game Maker Is You – Twine – First Drafts

Good morning, students. Last week I introduced you to Twine. Your homework was to attempt to build something with Twine and report back.

How did we go?

Well, the class seems to be extremely shy. Not one person has come forward with anything to show me. Still, I had a little luck. I put together two drafts.

The first was a pre-existing script put together for the Brisbane Writers Festival in 2010. The opening is obvious meta-commentary, and the part that follows is my very-obvious homage to the Beat generation – there is a lot more to the piece, but those were written and performed by others. So it is short and incomplete, but it gave me a chance to experiment with Twine in-situ.

BURN vs. CYOA – First (and likely only) draft.

The second is a very personal story. Not sure if I’ll finish it, but it’s been worthwhile writing even this much.

Six Years Plus Change – First Draft – Incomplete and likely needs some editing.


Hints & Tips

To defeat the demon mandrill you must first crystalise a two-handed weapon in the molten glass caves of Urka’t. Wait, sorry, I forgot where I was at for a moment.
If you haven’t even started your Twine Assignment yet, here are some hints:

  • This page is invaluable.
  • Also, the first Passage in your story always needs to be called ‘Start’ or it breaks. I think you’d be able to get around this by poking around in the HTML, but if you want to simply use Twine out of the box, you’ll have to keep this in mind.

As ever, I want to hear from you and your Twine-ventures. I’m on twitter, facebook or email.


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