Dota 2 Key Giveaway

UPDATE: DOTA 2 is now freely available to all, so this giveaway is over.

We have 15, count them 15, Dota 2 keys to giveaway, thanks to Valve… by which I mean they just dropped a whole bunch into my Gift Inventory for no particular reason.

Just post a comment somewhere on this site, using a valid Steam-connected email address, and we’ll get a key to you shortly. Bonus points for people who leave real comments, and for people who are actual people and not key-scraping bots.

Yes, this truly is the most exciting giveaway of all time.


4 thoughts on “Dota 2 Key Giveaway

  1. Hackuity says:

    Is it possible? I mean, no one commented this news yet, claiming a key? I’m happy to be the first, then!
    By the way, is the key valid for the full game? I truly hope so, Dota 2 sounds like a great experience…some time ago I had a key too in my Steam inventory, but it was kind of a pass to observe the game, nothing more.
    Anyway, again, I’m truly glad to claim the first key!


    • Hey Hackuity,

      I actually came across this issue with the keys when gifting to some friends. I think the issue is related to Dota 2 strictly because it has both a “full version” and a Spectator version, but basically you have to make sure you’ve added the game to your Steam Library, and not just left it in your Gift Inventory by accident.

      If you don’t add it to your library properly but install it anyway, it’ll be the locked spectator version.

      But yes, these are proper keys, and I’ll get one to you shortly.


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